On this episode it is my distinct pleasure to welcome none other than my own father to the show. He takes us through a moment in his life where guilt and responsibility interweaved. On this episode he shares candidly about an experience that changed his life, and how it left him with possibly the most complex guilt a human can experience, a death of someone under you're care. He shares what happened what the effect was, how he understands guilt and how he has reached acceptance. He shares  how you can overcome insurmountable feelings of guilt too. We talk about death, meaning, love, Hamlet and even Evelyn Waugh.


Find more about my Dad here:


A selection of his books.

The English Public School: An irreverent and personal history.

The Galleons Grave

Diary of a stroke

Scape Goat

Never such Innocence

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Henry Johnstone

Men Helping Men


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