Welcome welcome welcome fellow Warriors!

This is another special ep of the Facebook group Men Helping Men. This roundtable gets to the heart of anxiety and we experience it, why we experience it and how we can overcome it.

For my fabulous Lady listeners, this may be Men Helping Men but theres no reason you can't join in as we bring a tonne of value around the subject.


Find out more about me Henry Johnstone here:

Website: www.henryjohnstone.org

Facebook: Henry Johnstone


Omar Rafaat a specialist anxiety coach, NLP trainer, hypnosis specialist and counsellor. find more about Omar here:




Omar Rafaat

Brian Cardoza an abuse survivor, advocate for abuse victims and all round Warrior for the survivors out there:

Website: www.iamrockstar.me

Facebook: Brian Cardoza

Book: The Unexpected Victim

Mike Mcentee, author, artist, and fearless father through adversity:

Website: www.achievingsymbiosis.wordpress.com/

Facebook: Mike Mcentee



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