What is social anxiety? How does it affect you? Where does it come from?

How can you over come it?


On this episode we answer all of these questions and more. I welcome Schuyler Diehm. Schuyler is a fellow podcaster and driven entrepreneur. Schulyer spent much of his teenage years suffering from social anxiety so much so that it began to dominate his early adult life, and his business. In the episode Schulyer and I go into real depth on how you can recognise and overcome social anxiety. We touch on the effects social media is having on our kids, how telling your child they are the best isn't always the best way to go.


To find out more about Henry and he can help you or your child go here:


linkedin: Henry Johnstone

Facebook: Henry Johnstone

Men Helping Men facebook group


To find out more about Schuyler go here:


linkedin: Schuyler Diehm

Facebook:Schuyler Diehm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/earlyrisersmovement/?hl=en

Podcast: The Early Risers Podcast

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