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We have a first this episode. Today I welcome Tiffany Werhner a licensed Counsellor and Therapist. Tiffany hosts the moments of clarity radio show on WTAN RADIO 1340 AM. She is a powerful advocate for those who suffer and has dedicated her life to helping those who have experienced sexual abuse and emotional trauma.

How do you cope when your parents die? How do you process and overcome the grief.

Tiffany Werhner experienced the death of both her parents at a young age, at just 18 years old.
How does a child deal with an event as potentially traumatic?

Tiffany is a remarkable woman and she comes onto the show to share her experiences her strength and her hope for all those who suffer. Her story, her wisdom and her purpose in life will inspire and heal you!


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Moments of Clarity radio show: www.momentsofclaritywithtiffany.com

Media: Psychology Today



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