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It's day 4 of Mental Health awareness week. Every day I'm bringing you some incredible guests to share their experience their strength and their hope.

*THIS EPISODE CONTAINS POTENTIAL TRIGGERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE OR ARE EXPERIENCING SEXUAL ABUSE. Please exercise diligence before listening*A list of resources you can access are below the show notes.

Today I welcome Inner Warrior veteran Brian Cardoza to the show. Brian is a sex abuse survivor with a harrowing story starting when he was just 6 years old.

Today we are talking about how to manage a relationship where one of the people is a sex abuse survivor.

Brian shares his knowledge and I share my experience of being in a relationship with a survivor some years ago.


It is an uncomfortable subject for some and not one that I hear a lot of discussions about. As ever we get real, honest and very open during our conversation and we both hope that you get some insight on how a relationship with a sex abuse survivor isn't a taboo subject, and its something that can actually be managed incredibly healthily. We hope to offer suggestions and guidance to any of you who are in a similar situation.



Find out more about Henry and how he can help you her:


Facebook: @fearlesslyaman

Linkedin: Henry Johnstone

Twitter: @innerwarriorpod


Find out more about Brian here:


Facebook: Brian Cardoza

Book: The Unexpected Victim


If you are experiencing sexual abuse please contact the following for support.








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