Welcome back Warriors. Its day 5 of my Mental Health awareness week. Every day I'm going to be touching on an issue or a topic that is going to help raise BIG AWARENESS around a cause that is super close to my heart.


This time around Emerald Greenforest returns to interview me, on my podcast. I know right, weird. I asked people to do this because I am passionate about metal work and the creative process in healing depressive episodes. I really wanted to share with you how you are limiting yourself with your creativity and how you can start unlocking your creative skill. 

We delve into the spiritual and evolutionary aspect of mental health, why it's not all bad or as bad you've been lead to believe, and there may be some aspects of the debate that we need to be addressing. We talk about identity and the dangers of labelling, how we can progress the awareness and the help available and most importantly how you can start your creative journey today!


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Henry Johnstone

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