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Day 6 of mental health awareness week.


Today I bring you Kimberely Harrell Northup a thought leader in the field of adhd coaching.

How do you know if your child has adhd?

What do you do when they are diagnosed?

How do you deal with the frustration and angst that comes from discovering your child needs extra support?


These questions are common when a parent discovers their child has been diagnosed with adhd.

On this episode we challenge the myths surrounding adhd, the problems with the current educational system that are causing distress to our kids.

We talk about the unique needs of a child who experiences adhd, and how you can helpo support them.

Kimberly shares a wealth of knowledge with tips and tricks on how to help your child, seriously theres things here that I'll be using myself.

This episode is jam packed with all the answers to all the questions you've ever had.


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