Welcome back truth seekers! Warrior Men and Warrior Women!

This ep is the last of the series of people interviewing me on the topic of Mental health.

I  welcome to amazing Suzie Parkus to the show. Suzie is a legit POWERHOUSE in the world of entrepreneurism, PR and branding whilst also being a wonderful woman too.

Suzie very kindly offered to interview me on the topic of mental health and my struggles and journey with it throughout my life.

I approached this interview very much with the intention of opening up and letting you and Suzie in to the parts of my experience you might not be aware of.

What was it like to be a young boy and experience a mental breakdown?

How childhood experiences taught me to hide myself.

How I became a monster through addiction.

The darkness and agony of loneliness within self.

How creating emotional bonds are beyond powerful in recovery and growth.

How every bridge can be rebuilt!

How openness and vulnerability are my essential tools for positive change!

How I turned the pain into a purpose!

This is a story about how you can rewrite your story and turn pain into purpose. How you can start seeing that you are just as powerful and magnificent as you’ve dared to believe you are.


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