This episode we welcome Michael Anthony. You'll listen as we get real, honest and upfront. Michael and I cover some devisive topics in the world of masculinity. Gender identity, politics, vulnerability, talking about sex with our children. We also find out about Michaels Inner Warrior and what makes him a fearlessly beautiful man.

Michael Anthony is an author, pastor, and award-winning communicator with a mission to inspire and teach people how to live with truth and love at the precise time when arrogance and fear are running amuck.


Find more about Michael here:

 His book: A Call for Courage: Living With Power,
Truth, and Love In An Age of Intolerance and Fear



You can come and find me at and learn about how you can become a fearlessly beautiful man.

If you want to discover your inner warrior come and find all you need to know here.

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on instagram i'm @henryjohnstonecoaching


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