How do you deal with trauma after serving in the military? What happens when you return to normal life and start the experience the difficulties brought about by this condition? What are the effects on your family, your friends, your emotional wellbeing?

What masks do you wear to keep yourself from looking into the darkness and see yourself? How do you find your way back and feel gratitude for living, for meaning and purpose.


On this episode Kyle and I delve deep and unpack all of this and so much more. Join us as we discuss not just trauma but masculinity, the epidemic of male suicide, the meaning to be taken from experiencing life from the precipice of self destruction. How community and brotherhood can start to turn the tide, and how even in the smallest moments you can affect the lives of thousands.


It's not as heavy as it sounds, we laugh, we banter we show all you who listen the deep and ever complex inner working of the male psyche.


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