Welcome back, Warriors! to the final episode of the show under the reframing masculinity name. From the next show the show will be The Mental Health Empowerment Network.


I wanted to leave with a bang! 

Lee Rous is one part of the DJ duo Plump DJs. Pioneers of the breakbeat genre The Plump DJs have played all over the world and gained international DJ status. How does this happen? How can you go from playing music for your mates all the way to dominating on a worldwide stage?

On Wednesday Lee and I delve deep into the human side of being a DJ. Lee shares openly about the challenges we face as we follow our dreams, how we can build resilience when setting out on a venture that seems almost impossible. Lee tells us how to balance being a father and a husband with one of the most demanding jobs on the planets.
This is a rare insight into a world a lot of us know little about.
We also talk about the mindset of crabs and the joys of cleaning!

Another fantastic episode for you all to enjoy!

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