This week we welcome Brian Cardoza. Brian is a male sex trafficking survivor, he comes to us today to share his experience, strength and hope.

In this episode we have a frank discussion about his experiences, how he survived and how he carries a message of recovery. Brian is a coach a mentor a speaker and published author. We cover so many topics in the ep, Rape, masculinity, gender politics, sexual orientation, mental health, self love and the warrior state of mind. We also find the time to discuss video games, the horredous reality of being a chef and how humour helps ease the pain.

You can find Brian here:


Brian Cardoza

Survivor Knights

The Broken Knee Club


The Unexpected Victim





Come and find Henry.


Henry Johnstone






* THIS EPISODE CONTAINS A TRIGGER WARNING* If you are experiencing or have experienced sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse and are sesnitive to these topics, please be mindful that we speak about these frankly within the show.

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