Welcome back fellow Warriors! How devil are you? Welcome back to another fab episode of the Inner Warrior podcast.

Heads up!

This episode was recorded before I changed the show to The Inner Warrior. Back when it was The Inner Warrior: Reframing Masculinity Podcast. So expect a very in depth discussion about men, vulnerability, strength, and resilience.


If you want a peek into the mind of a man this is great place to start.

This week I welcome Dr Mitchell Mays to the Warriors room.

Dr. Mitchell Mays is a mind-body practitioner, life coach, behavioral scientist, author and stress management expert. In 2016, his second book, “MIND GATE”, became an international #1 best seller in six countries in “mental health”.

Dr. Mays’ passion is helping others reduce, eliminate or transform stress by finding their true essence; what they came here to create.

 If you want to find more about Mitchell head over to:

Website: www.drmitchellmays.com

Facebook: Mays mind and body

Book: Mindgate: Demolish fear, overcome anxiety and create the life you want.


Come find more about Henry here:

Website: www.henryjohnstone.org

Facebook: Henry Johnstone

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