Welcome back warriors! This is another flip the script show, where I have invited another podcast host to come on my show and interview me.


Today I welcome Tony Whatley to the show!

We talk mental health, upbringings, self limiting beliefs, how we are programmed by our parents.

We launch into a thoroughly enjoyable rant/discussion about coaches with no etiquette online, and how you can avoid becoming a douchebag on Linkedin.

We talk about the essential human needs that a coach helps their clients with and how to raise yourself up as an entrepreneur when others will try and drag you down.

We talk about finding your tribe and building your tribe through service value and connection.

To round it off we talk a lot about metal work and why working with steel is so damn satisfying!

Honestly this episode is PACKED with so many insights you are going to absolutely love every minute of it!


Find Henry here:


Linkedin: Henry Johnstone

Facebook: Henry Johnstone

Facebook group: Men Helping Men


Find Tony here: www.365driven.com

Linkedin: Tony Whatley

Book: Side Hustle Millionaire

Facebook group: 365 driven entrepreneurs

Podcast: 365driven




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