Welcome back, Warriors!
In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war. Good times. I say sarcastically.
The universe of Warhammer 40k is vast. Both canonically and referentially. Starting as a tabletop war game in the 80's it has grown in scope rivaling even Starwars in its depth and complexity, and that's just the lore.
Oliver Cowlishaw and I are total 40k geeks, we love it! So for that reason, we decided to try and explore and unravel how masculinity is presented in 40k. How is meaning derived from a brutal war driven society?
Is the hero the most powerful driver of meaning in the face of death?
How do people chill out?
Why do humanities super soldiers have no genitals?
What kind of man is drawn to play as the Dark Eldar (gets pretty dark on that one)
Why is Henry incorruptible?
Why is Ollie boots on ground ruff and tuff?
Are the Eldar level 8 vegans?
We also dip into the Jungian shadow the psyche and tangentially discuss the abject and the uncanny on this sprawling and often humorous episode.
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The mental health awareness day is fast approaching and the show will be covering all aspects of mental health in a week-long awareness campaign.
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Ollie is a fantastic PT by the way.
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